Security Systems

guard guyMonitored security systems are a must-have in today’s society. With the Department of Justice reporting an average of over 8,000 home invasions per day, it is becoming an all too common occurrence. When taking preventative steps in their own homes our customer’s often report personal property to be the least of their concerns. Customers with preconceived opinions based on older security systems have asked: Can a security system really do much to prevent the modern criminal? With the advancements in technology, security systems no longer just protect your doors and windows they can monitor internal movements using infra-red and microwave technologies built-in to the newest motion detectors. They can also sense the smash-and-grab intrusions with the use of high frequency glass break detectors. Besides home invasions, security systems can also monitor for fire, carbon monoxide, and flooding even when the system is disarmed. In case you aren’t convinced most insurance companies offer an annual 15-20% discount on your homeowner’s policy for having a monitored security system in place.  Let ISX walk through your business or residence with you.  One of our trained security experts will work with you to design a security system that will put your mind at ease.

Custom Desgined Security Systems