Home Automation

puzzle_piece_house_insert_1600_clr_4235At ISX we want to help you put the last piece of the puzzle into your complete dream home.  Home Automation not only simplifies your lifestyle through lighting control and entertainment, but it can also save you money on your utilities.  The sky is the limit when it comes to automation so if you can dream it, we can bring it to life.

Home Automation

Here is a list of automation ideas that might fit your lifestyle!

1)  If you have kids, you know how frustrating it can be when they leave the garage door open. Cats are another culprit—they always seem to run in and out right when the door is closing, sending the it right back up.  To eliminate this we can simply program your system to automatically close the garage door when it’s left open for more than 15 minutes.

2)  In addition to monitoring the door of your garage, you can also keep tabs ON the temperature inside. Many of us store items in our garage that can be harmed by extreme heat or cold.  So if you already have a climate controlled garage let us install a smart thermostat that we can control and monitor and you will never have to worry about throwing out those paint cans again.

3)  We can also integrate an IP camera with one of our access control systems so you can accept deliveries safely at home even when you’re at work. With the deliveryman on the phone you can open the door, watch him put your package inside, then shut the door to keep everything safe until you return home.

4)  If we install exterior speakers for outdoor parties, you may want to know that you can use them as part of your outdoor security setup. One neat trick is to have your exterior motion detectors trigger the sound of a barking rottweiler to “discourage” backyard trespassers. Back this up with a couple of low-tech “Beware of Dog” signs and you end up with a pretty good deterrent to would-be burglars.

5)  If you get up in the night, chances are pretty good that you’re headed to the bathroom.  Let us install a bed sensor for you and with just a little conditional programming we can light your way to the toilet.  We can not only adjust the time frame for this but also the level of light.  For example between the hours of 11pm and 6am we will turn on a pathway of lights to the bathroom at only about 20-30% so you have just enough light to take care of business without waking up that special someone.  Not to mention that the same sensor that triggered the light can then turn it back off once you’re tucked back under the covers.

6)  Are your kids old enough to be coming home by themselves late at night?  If so we can easily integrate at set of passcode door locks with your security system so the alarms automatically stand down when your son or daughter codes in after hours. The system can then re-arm the house after a reasonable interval so you can sleep easy not worrying about whether or not they remembered to do it. A text message or e-mail notification can also let you know exactly what time your teenager actually arrived home, so you can grill them about it in the morning.